Blogs & Wikis Web 110

When researching about blog and wikis, it is generally good to know what it is that you are learning about. During my research, I have learned a great deal about blogs and wikis and there are a few basic things I would like to share.

A Blog is through a web server that you can post images, information, data, and advertisements for you business.

A Wiki is used for keeping everthing organized and available for others that you specifically would like to give access to.

Keep in mind you can easily edit and make minor changes to a wiki that you make available to those particular indiviuals.

After reviewing what I have researched about blogs and wikis, I feel that some things about blogs is made easy to review and is not to private, whereas the wiki is know for specifics and I particularu like both.

To give a prime example the Jimmy Wales who actually created the wikipedia, the never ending and easily accessed encyclopedia that the public can make adjustments to at any time which pretty much makes the information not reliable. 


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